About Up & Undies

Link to to see undies on models. (Skip ahead to 1:41): https://www.seattlerecycledarts.com/2021-designers

Summer 2014, I wanted to duplicate my favorite pair of undies and used old Tshirts as practice fabric. It was so much fun to upcycle shirts with awesome graphics, so I kept on sewing. Each pair is one-of-a-kind, and nothing about the process is automated.

Treat them like your favorite Tshirt, wash and dry on normal cycles. Sorry, no returns, but you can ask about alterations and having me make you a custom pair.


I love vending and always provide an entertaining and colorful arrangement. Here's some pictures of me at events over the years:


Want more Up & Undies fun? Throw a cheeky party! If you’re in the Seattle area, invite guests bring their own shirts and I’ll bring the rest for everyone to have custom-made pairs.

Custom Made Pairs

Join the upcycle revolution. Send me a bag of gently used clothes to be reimagined into fun new undies. Genders don't really matter to me when making undies, but it's easist to refer to the traditional body shapes of adult men and women when discussing undies. Women's have no legs, narrow waistbands, and a gusset in the center. Men's have wide waistbands and doubled fabric for a pouch in the front. To make a custom pair I need your measurements and desired style:

  1. waist
  2. hip
  3. leghole
  4. bellybutton to back waist
  5. for boxers, thigh width, and distance from waist to where the thigh width measurement was taken
  6. for legless, select granny, french cut, hipster, etc.


Up & Undies is a collection of handmade underwear sewn from locally sourced, upcycled T-shirts. Zero-waste, 100 percent fun. Women's undies range from hipsters and granny pants to French cut. I call the women's collection "crotch cradles." There are four different styles of men's undies: a jockey brief "banana hammock", the knit short "twig and berry tamer", backless briefs and cute jock straps. My undies often feature a special surprise on the gusset, so be sure to check if there's a message for you there.

Crotch Cradle:


Banana Hammock:


Twig & Berry Tamer:


Backless Brief


Jock Strap