Pike Bright: Medium Upcycled Handsewn Panties

pike bright
Pike Bright: Medium Upcycled Handsewn Panties

A unique and practical souvenir of a visit to Pike Place Market. The front features neon piping on the hips, pink legbands and green waistband with the tip of the Pike logo pointing down. The back is where you find the rest of the Pike Brewing logo. This pair reminds me of the light bright toy/game that was popular when I was a kid.

It's a brilliant solution for putting your money where your beliefs are, if you believe in wearing briefs, in keeping reuseable stuff out of our landfills, and buying everyday products that are made in the USA.

General Size: medium, probably would fit a woman's 2-6 tush
Crotch cradle: black ish